The reason 
Never in the history of humankind there have been such an abundance of food resources and life opportunities. Yet we have never been so unhealthy, unfit and unhappy. The paradox lays in our evolutionary make-up and our choices in regards to food, eating, movement and wellbeing. 
Most of us tend to do what we want, not what we must in relation to our health and wellbeing. At the same time we know what we must do but we do not do what we know. 
And there is no need to quote statistic as it is enough to just get out on the street and notice the people around us or go to a secondary school and see how year after year more of our children struggle with their weight feeling conscious about it. 
We would take any pill that we believe can “help us” even if it does more damage in the long term. Do not get me wrong, I am absolutely for and pro modern medicine as it is an amazing achievement of our culture and safes lives indisputably. I am saying that we have lost touch of what is best for us and got more miserable in the process. We would take the easiest route for short term relief to create a massive path for a long term disease. 
The word ‘disease’ derives from Old French meaning a ‘lack of ease’. If you put diesel in your petrol car it will break down. Food is fuel for our body and mind. When we constantly putting the wrong fuel in our body, how intelligent would be to expect it to perform for us in its’ best way? The simple answer is: it will not and eventually sooner, rather than later it will break down and the ‘lack of ease’ will be the only thing in motion. 
The pain 
Having worked with so many clients that have come to me struggling with weight issues and obesity I know better than anyone else how difficult it is for them not only physically but emotionally. Many of them felt range of emotions such as shame, helplessness, confusion, disperse, Self-depreciation, insecurity, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, regret, feeling out of control, feeling beyond help… that they are not worthy and they are inferior… And some of them have managed to keep all those feelings hidden even from the people around them, for years, compounding the trauma that obesity perpetrates. 
There is a simple, better and most natural way to enhance your health, your body performance and achieve the best body composition. The Hypno-Primal Weight Management program is taking into consideration our genetic specifications and the evolutionary approach to living. This is a program I have been developing for the past few years and now it is ready! I have researched areas such as nutrition, evolutionary theories in regards to eating, health and wellbeing, motivational coaching and, of course using my field of work, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, to outline and create the content of this Program. 
Finally, in my work with clients I came to the conclusion that obesity and excess weight is very much the by-product of unhappiness and dis-satisfaction. This is why the Hypno-Primal program is focused on achieving a Happy Weight and not merely losing weight. 
The process 
The process you will be going through is pleasurable and exciting. No more diets, no more restrictions, no more chore exercises, no more emotional pain. It is a process of discovery; a journey towards yourself and your life; exploration of your hopes and desires, your expectations and dreams. You build yourself from inside out having released the past triggers and misconceptions that held you back. 
Through the steps of the program you begin to generate optimism and enthusiasm and any obstacles become just stepping stones towards not only weight loss but increasing well-being. 
Bilyana x 
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