Bilyana Wharton Psychotherapy Workshops and Events 2021  

Zoom Workshops 2021 

Tuesday 2nd February 2021 -  
"How to Achieve Anything" 
Tuesday 23rd February 2021 - 
"Coping with Uncertainty" 
Tuesday 2nd March 2021 - 
"How to Achieve Anything - Including Weight Loss" 
Thursday 18th March 2021- 
"Dealing with Anxiety and Uncertainty" 
Thursday 1st April 2021 -  
"How to Achieve Anything - Including Weight Loss" 
All workshops are £69 per person 
Please send enquiries to 

Virtual Zoom Workshop Thursday 1st June 2021 The Top 9 Hacks on How to Beat Anxiety Upgraded - with Stress Relieving Techniques  

The Top 9 Hacks on How to Beat Anxiety Upgraded - with Stress Relieving Techniques 

5 Hour Zoom Workshop 
Thursday 1st June 2021 
The 5 hours Zoom Workshop is BACK but this time including some precious Stress Relieving Techniques to help you prevent falling back into the grip of worry. 
Bilyana will be teaching the 9 HACKS that combine different strategies, concepts and techniques elegantly designed in step-by-step system to help you manage better and beat the state of Anxiety. 
All the hacks have been used in her work at some point. Recognising that there is ‘no one pill cures all’, Bilyana selected the strategies used most successfully and organised them in a program that gives complex understanding and helps the client work their way through the state of Anxiety, resolve triggers and learn to generate a new, more beneficial mental state. 
The Idea 
Face your fears and resolve Anxiety by recognising it is telling you something and it is working in order to protect you. We will be working on learning effective, successful and easy to understand and apply hacks that can be used on daily basis. 
The Workshop is not therapy but an educational – therapeutic tool that presents the organised into Hacks, strategies, concepts and techniques that are adaptable and can be used for the purposes of emotional regeneration, personal growth and mental health well-being. 
The Aim 
To understand, accept and change the mental state that Anxiety Disorder generates by examining our physiological symptoms, cognition, emotionality and enhance the use of our imagination to help us design and bring to reality different, more beneficial state of mind. 
Who can benefit from the Workshop? 
• If you suffer with the condition - The Top 9 Hacks on How to Beat Anxiety will be beneficial to individuals who suffer with the condition and would like to understand better what is happening while in anxious state. 
• If you are a carer – If you are looking after someone who is suffering with Anxiety Disorder, this workshop will help you understand more emphatically the condition and the reality of living with it. Some of the strategies are so easy to understand making them easy to apply on daily basis or when needed. 
• If you are a student counsellor – You may like to get ‘hands on’ with the strategies and expand your toolbox that enables you to use any of the hacks where suitable. 
• Teachers, Human Recourses Managers, Nurses – any professional that works with people predominantly, will benefit from the Workshop as it will increase the awareness of the symptoms and help the professional be more emphatic and vigilant in recognising the condition. 
• Anyone that has a love of learning would like to know more about how to understand and beat Anxiety Disorder. 
The Benefits 
• You get a FREE PDF workbook with information and exercises that we do during the Workshop. 
• Each of the participants will get one COMPLIMENTARY post- workshop, one-to-one session with Bilyana arranged in mutually convenient time so you can work through the hacks together and adapt them to suit your individual needs. 
• In addition to the benefits, each participant gets 50% discount Voucher of Bilyana’s November In-Person Workshop ‘The Art of Staying In Love’ on how to keep our intimate relationships going from strength to strength. This Voucher is transferable to other people if you, yourself cannot attend. 
• Free entry to our private FB community Anxiety Disengaged where you can find information, discounts, help and free resources on how to deal with Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Stress and Burnout Syndrome. 
• One of the participants will get for free the new program that Bilyana has been working on. This is a special strategic, one-to-one 3 hours ‘MOT for the Soul’ session that you do once a year and you revisit issues that you are struggling with, identify parts of you or life that need addressing and map your future with clarity congruent to your real dreams, goals and aspirations. 
• Every participant will enter into the end of the year draw where One person will win the one-to-one Habit (Trans)Formation therapy no matter the issue and how long the treatment would take. 
The Workshop fee is £125 
Book before 10th May 2021 and get the Early Bird Discount Price - £99 
Closing date for bookings 25th May 2021 
Please note Terms and Conditions apply.  
For enquiries, please email Bilyana on 

How to manage anxious thoughts 

Series of 8 sessions 
Every Wednesday 5pm-6pm 
Maximum 6 participants 
Every Wednesday we will be working on one exciting strategy or concept that will help you manage, release or change your anxious thoughts and improve your mental state. Acknowledging that in these challenging times of self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine rules, many people will need emotional support, I have decided to do this workshop to help anyone who experience increased anxiety levels and needs help with those self-defeating thoughts that can perpetuate the state of anxiety. 
All participants will receive the PDF Worksheet via email prior the meeting. A short video on the session will be posted on FB with the summarized content after the session. 
The Wednesday meetings are absolutely free to attend. The topic of each meeting is posted on Bilyana Wharton Psychotherapy page so you can check it out there and make a decision if that is helpful to you. 
See you on Wednesday, 
Bilyana x 
If you're interested in any of my Workshopse, please don't hesitate to get in touch 
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