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Introduction to the psychological and behavioural strategies of the Hypno-Primal Weight Loss Concept 
Workshop Contents 
1. Exploring the psychological triggers behind Excess Weight and Obesity 
2. Exploring the eating behaviours as consequence of past experiences and as a symptom of unresolved issues. 
3. Outlining the Needs-Emotions-Behaviour communication in alignment with the human evolutionary make-up. 
4. Creating and mapping your own, unique ‘Journey to My True Self’ by using guided imagery and visualisation. 
5. The Workshop Powerpoint slides and PDF worksheets with the strategies and scripts covered during the presentation. 
Who can benefit from Hypno-Primal Weight Loss Concept 
Student and newly graduated hypnotherapists and counsellors who consider and would like to work with a healthy and natural approach to weight loss. 
Clients that would like to gain control over their eating behaviour by understanding the covered psychological dynamics that sabotage the healthy relationship with food. 
Anyone that feels they can improve the psychological and behavioural balance between eating habits and emotional triggers. 

Hypno-Primal Weight Loss Concept  Dates for 2023  

Monday 30 October 2023 – 9am – 3pm 
Friday 3 November 2023 – 9am -3pm 
Thursday 23 November 2023 – 9am – 3pm 
Workshop fee: £129 
Early Bird Registration: £99 from 1 to 30 September 2023 
ANXIETY DISENGAGED – Free Virtual Workshop  
6pm – 7pm Wednesday Evenings 
The Idea 
Hands on 1 hour Zoom workshop that will help the participants understand and work through some of the most natural and easy strategies that relieve anxiety symptoms and provide day to day management of the condition. 
The Workshop is free and informal, with topics that are related to different anxiety disorders and how they can be understood and managed better. 
The participants can hop on and off through the weeks whenever they feel the workshop edition is interesting and beneficial to them. 
Who can benefit from the Anxiety Workshop? 
If you suffer with the condition the workshop will introduce management solutions that correspond with the natural inner resources. 
If you are a carer of a person who is suffering with anxiety disorder, this workshop will help you understand more emphatically the possibilities available for dealing with the condition. Some of the strategies are so easy to understand and apply so the knowledge can be transferred to the daily caring environment. 
If you are a student counsellor you may like to expand your toolbox that enables you to use any of the managing strategies and information where suitable. 
Teachers, Human Recourses Managers, Nurses – any professional that works with people would be able to benefit from the Workshop as it will increase the awareness of the symptoms and help the professional be more emphatic and vigilant in recognising the condition. 
Anyone that has a love of learning would like to know more about how to understand and manage Anxiety Disorders. 

Anxiety Disengaged  Workshop Dates for 2023  

May – 3rd, 10th, 17th, 31st 
June – 7th, 14th 
July – 12th, 19th, 26th 
August – 2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th 
The Workshop is free for the participants.  
The attendees’ number is limited to maximum of 6 participants per workshop.  
To register your interest and request the link please email: 
The workshop is not a therapy session but and educational course that can provide guidance and present tools that are easy to utilise. 
MOT for the Soul 
When we want more of life it is because we have not allowed to become the person we aspire to be.  
With each stage we move forward in our relationships, finance, personal development, or business enterprise it is the person behind it that needs to explore and learn, grow and thrive so can achieve what is desired. 
Sometimes, the take on unhappiness is as a result of external circumstances, while, all the time there have been elements one could have changed. Or, perhaps, it is the very person who feels unhappy and unfulfilled that must change. 
For such complex creatures, it is amazing how we use insurance for everything material we possess, and in the process forget to ensure the most precious thing we have: our Present, our Relationships and therefore our Future. 
The Session 
A morning or an afternoon free flowing session, lasting up to 3 hours where you bring your journal and your diary, your challenges, and dreams for the year ahead and we together explore your limitations, aspiration, dreams, and goals. 
Through using specific therapeutic and coaching tools you gain clarity and inspiration for the life ahead; in a way you have never done before. 
What we are going to do 
• Reflective practice of strengths and skills 
• Goal setting through emotional engagement 
• Mind mapping the route to your Goals 
• Future pacing to clarify the desired Outcome 
Tools we will be using 
• Clarity tool 
• The 7 Level Deep 
• A Year from now 
• Future pacing towards the person you truly are 
Who is this session suitable for? 
• Clients that want to explore the Next Level in their professional life 
• Clients that want to explore a particular challenging relationship 
• Clients that want to gain clarity of their present situation 
• Clients that are looking to become a better version of themselves 

MOT for the Soul  

The Additional Benefits you get from this session: 
All the session materials are included in the fee. 
A surprise present that is aligned with your needs – I love this part as it is so existing. 
A £50 voucher for any therapy treatment (Assessment Consultations are exempt) or workshop facilitated by Bilyana Wharton Psychotherapy in 2023. 
And more… 
If you do not get any benefit from this session, it is 100% refund guaranteed!!! 
Workshop fee: £199 
If you're interested in any of my Workshops, please don't hesitate to get in touch 
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