Bilyana's Story 

Bilyana Wharton is an experienced therapist and passionate human being, dedicated to helping others to overcome life challenges. 
Her belief is that therapy can help resolve your past, unleash the resources within and give you a kick-start to happiness, nurturing relationships and fulfilled future. 
Through therapy you can learn about yourself and make sense of your experiences, thoughts and emotions. 
You can make decisions and discover the best possible way to bring them to completion. The purpose of therapy is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be, requires your full participation and is facilitated with great care, consideration and commitment from Bilyana. 
In a safe and professional environment Bilyana can help you explore your experiences; identify your expectations of life; deal with the past; make positive life changes; heal your relationships and effectively move into your future. 
Bilyana can help you with issues such as smoking cessation, shopping addiction, chronic fatigue syndrome, blushing and psychosomatic conditions. 

Education, Experience and Credentials 

Masters in Pedagogy (Merit) – Sofia University ‘St St Kiril and Metodii’ 
Specialization in Music (Distinction) – Sofia University ‘St St Kiril and Metodii’ 
Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Distinction) – Chrysalis Courses 
Diploma in Psychotherapy (Distinctions) – Chrysalis Courses 
Knowledge Broker and Professional 
CPD and Personal Development classes with Windy Drayden, Sheila Granger, Marisa Pears, Dr David Burns, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Joanna Taylor. 
Worked at HOPE Foundation for survivors of sexual abuse; Anxiety UK and Hypnotherapy and Counselling Private Practice in Scarborough 

Professional Memberships 

Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society 
Member of the National Counselling Society 

Other Adventures 

Bilyana’s name may come up in association with the family businesses she is involved with. She is exercising administrative, organisational and communicational roles in the investment property business and a hospitality business, where she is in partnership with her husband. 
Happily married with two children and two grown up step children, Bilyana spends her time between England and Bulgaria predominantly residing and working in the UK. 
To find out more about Bilyana Wharton, please don't hesitate to ask 
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