It is not the world that needs to change, but you!   Bilyana x 

Moving towards your compelling future 

Therapy can be an impressively revealing and empowering process that can help people not only to conquer and manage mental issues but to enhance and enrich their performance in any area of life, allowing them to grow as a person. 
Sometimes we get into a ‘comfort zone’ and been comfortable could feel alright for a while. Yet, we know nothing stays constant and eventually, as life presents new challenges, change becomes inevitable. This applies to business, intimate relationships, personal and professional life. 
We may lack the courage, vision, skills or direction to get to the next level. Therapy can lead your through a process of self-discovery and self-actualisation, creating all the necessary conditions so you get the access not only to your next level but to each next level after that. 

Between you and the person you want to be there is a gap of skill-set.   Tom Belyeu 


What to expect of the Next Level Therapy 

Achieving clarity of where you really are in your life and where you want to be 
Find your core reason for change that will motivate the positive Habit (Trance) Formation (see below) 
Challenging the introjected beliefs that support the status quo in your life and prevent you from moving forward 
Letting go of the limitations, excuses and self-fulfilled prophecies 
Raise your standards 
Discover your true purpose 
Map your future 
Implement your bespoke action plan 

Your life today is the result of your choices. Your choices are the sum or your habits and dreams.   Bilyana x 

Habit (Trance)Formation Therapy 

If your existing habits do not support your dreams, the only way forward is to change them. There are three components that create daily acceleration as they become automated and the results predictable: 
The Habit (Trance) Formation addresses not only the automated behaviours that keep us from moving to a higher level but also the: 
Self-defeating beliefs 
Limiting attitudes 
Dysfunctional self-concept 
It is a core work and a core change. Our habits affirm who we are on a daily basis and they become the stable platform we build our future on.  
If you are interested in joining the ‘Next Level’ Workshop helping you achieve your compelling future, request your application pack by emailing: The workshop groups are small for maximum impact and the numbers are limited 
To find out more about my Next Level therapy and counselling services in Scarborough and throughout North Yorkshire, please get in touch now 
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