Counselling and Hypnotherapy in Scarborough North Yorkshire Online sessions and workshops via Zoom Book your FREE Counselling Consultation here 

Counselling and Hypnotherapy in Scarborough North Yorkshire Online sessions and workshops via Zoom Book your FREE Counselling Consultation here 

Bilyana Wharton Dip Hyp CS, Ad Dip PC is an experienced psychotherapist registered with the National Counselling Society and the National Hypnotherapy Society. She holds Master’s Degree in Pedagogy and specialization in Music from the University of Sofia St Kliment Ohridski, Diploma in Hypnotherapy and CS and Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy from Chrysalis Courses UK. 
In her work with clients Bilyana employs predominantly Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and the T.I.M.E. therapy model that stands for Temporal – Integrative – Multi-model – Emphatic. Most importantly, she takes of paramount importance each individual and unique circumstance and experience. The therapy process is aligned with the client’s needs and therapy outcome expectations. 

What is psychotherapy? 

Psychotherapy, or known also as counselling, is a talking therapy that is employing different psychological methods to help the individual overcome mental health issues, emotional and behavioural problems, habits and limiting beliefs. 
An experienced counsellor can help the client explore the psychological and behavioural issues in a safe, non-judgemental environment. The therapeutic process is orientated towards finding the best way to resolve the emotional struggle and find healthier and better way to move forward. 
Making the decision to go into therapy is not always an easy one. It is important that the client feels safe, understood and respected. Bilyana offers 30 minutes initial appointment via Skype or Zoom where you can talk about the problem, answer the questions you might have and find out how counselling and hypnotherapy can help.  

When do you need counselling or hypnotherapy? 

When the client is experiencing an issue of psychological or behavioural nature, counselling and hypnotherapy are the therapies that have been most successful in seeking resolution, eliciting better coping strategies and helping the client overcome mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, addiction and phobias. 

How can counselling and hypnotherapy help? 

Continuous medical studies have confirmed indisputably that psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy are extremely successful in treating mental health issues. Emotional, cognitive and behavioural strategies are employed and numerous scientific studies have showed already that the success of those exceeds the results achieved when the same conditions have been treated with medication. 
Human beings are a lot more complex and sophisticated to be treated only on hormonal or chemical level. 
Counselling is exploring the psychological, behavioural and emotional issues and the client gains insight and awareness of the problem. What can be achieved by working through the issues within the safe boundaries of the therapeutic process is: 
• Making sense of past experiences. 
• Overcoming the negative consequences of childhood adversity. 
• Resolving discomfort and unpleasant feelings such as anger, envy, shame, jealousy, shyness or hate. 
• Dealing with self-defeating behaviours and habits such as alcohol dependency, screen addiction, weight problems and obesity, shopping addiction. 
• Overcoming mental health condition such as anxiety and depression. 
• Gain clarity of relationship and family issues and resolve conflicts. 
The therapeutic relationship is of paramount for the successful outcome of therapy. That is why the bond between the counsellor and the clients is founded on trust, mutual respect, understanding and non-judgmental attitudes. 

Anxiety Disengaged Facebook Private Group 

The group has been created with the aim of assisting the members with information, ideas, concepts and workshops on how to better manage and cope with Anxiety disorder, Burnout syndrome, Depression and Stress.  
It is free to join and the members have multiple benefits of reduced rate therapy sessions, discounts on events and Free Zoom Workshops created exclusively for the online community. 
To join the Private group please click HERE 

Services available 

In Person therapy 
One to one counselling and hypnotherapy sessions that are held in Bilyana’s Scarborough office 77-78 Westborough YO 11 1TP. The office is situated opposite the Scarborough train station car park. Disk parking is available on the streets or paid parking is available at the main train station car park. 
Online and telephone appointments 
Available only for psychotherapy and counselling appointments via Zoom or Skype. By signing up for our newsletter of joining the Anxiety Disengaged Private Facebook group the client is automatically eligible to the special reduced therapy fees. 
Out of hours’ appointments 
Late evening, early morning or weekend counselling and hypnotherapy appointments to suit clients that find it difficult to fit in a therapy session within their busy schedule. Please note that these appointments are not eligible to discounted rates and there is limited availability. 
Concession Counselling Fees for HNS workers, Police and Emergency services personnel. 

Counselling and Hypnotherapy for Childhood Trauma & Abuse 

Psychotherapy for  Depression 

Hypnosis For Fears  and Phobias 

Counselling and Hypnotherapy for Addiction and Dependencies 

Counselling and Hypnotherapy for Anxiety 

Bilyana's  Story 

Yesterday is the past and we cannot change it. Tomorrow is the movie in our head that has not been filmed yet. And we only have this moment! So, why carry all this heaviness of the past when you can let it go forever.   THE POWER OF NOW: ECKHART TOLLE 

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