The quality of our communication skills will determine the quality of our relationships. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life.   Bilyana x 

Couples Relationships 

Being ‘In love’ is one of the most beautiful feelings that you can experience. But after a while, the ability to keep that feeling alive could be challenged. As time goes by you may neglect your relationship or begin to take it for granted. The spark is gone and, frustration and resentment could take place. You have forgotten that love is not something you strive to… it is a place you come from. 
Therapy helps you figure out where you want to be as a couple, restore intimacy, trust and excitement. It gives you the safe environment to talk honestly and openly and to be heard and understood. 
Whichever way the therapy process takes you, your understanding and awareness in regards to yourselves and your shared relationship will shift, improve or change. 

Parent – Adult Child Relationship Therapy 

When the children become adults the dynamics of the relationship with their parents inevitably evolves and transforms. However, not always these changes are driven by mutual understanding. Complications could arise in multiple areas of life. If the relationship already suffers with unresolved issues that could cause even more difficulties. 
The therapy process offers exploration and solution without the need of both parties to be present in the same session. Discovering ways to establish and affirm the adult position for yourself in relation to your parents, forms the core of the treatment. If you are the parent, we explore better, healthier ways of engaging with your adult children. 

In therapy we can work towards 

Empathy and understanding 
Improving communication 
Establishing boundaries 
Gaining acceptance 
Progress can be achieved for both parties through clarity, mutual respect and adaptable techniques. 

School for Parents 

Parenting is, by far, one of the hardest jobs in the world. 
School for Parents is constructed in one-to-one appointments with parents without the presence of children. The aim is to adopt better ways of coping with the challenges of parenthood and creating more rewarding and sustainable loving relationship with your children. 

Parents can learn to 

Get to know their child better by learning how to listen, pay attention and engage from the point of hope. 
Improve and build two-way communication. 
Understand and accept the child’s point of view even when you disagree with it. 
Build trust. 
Nurture understanding. 
Negotiate boundaries. 
Learn how to influence and guide your child. 
Learn how to become the ‘cool’ parent. 
Learn techniques that will show your love and care without being intrusive or over-protective. 
Encourage and nurture their real interests and ambitions. 
To find out more about my Relationship therapy and counselling services in Scarborough and throughout North Yorkshire, please don't hesitate to get in touch 
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