Part 2 - The 4 Steps 
After identifying the 6 most common Dream Saboteurs here we have the 4 Steps that you need to go through when setting yourself to achieve anything. It is a beautiful blend of clarity, honesty, conviction and creativity. 

• Step 1 - Gaining Clarity by being Honest with Oneself 

Not an easy thing to do when you need to be looking at your present reality with heartfelt honesty. Clarity requires exploring every area of your life so you can genuinely pinpoint what is causing tension and discomfort. This is what we call Pain points. For example, if your’ Pain point is your XX weight, you may need to find out what is the true price you are paying for being overweight. Here are some investigative questions you may consider answering without sparing yourself the truth: 
Does it affect my confidence? 
Does it affect my relationships? 
Does it affect my everyday life? 
Am I using procrastination, avoidance or denial to deal with my problem? 
Just imagine if you are to have that same conversation with yourself in a year time, 5 or 10 years on… and remember if it feels painful now, it will be even more so then. The pain of regret always weighs more than the pain of honesty and discipline. 
Caution: Remember the 6 main Saboteurs – this is where you may run the risk to get too many bullet points. This is why we are getting to Step 2. 

• Step 2 - Identifying Your Goal 

There are so many different methods, programs and schools of achievement. Every learning style can be regarded as the method that leads you to a particular result. Some may even argue that evolution, in a way, is constant achievement of the Next level in our development with the aim of adaptation in order to survive. Each person’s life can be regarded as a mini-scaled evolution as we progress from almost helpless new-born babies to … well, whatever we want to progress into… However, let us go no further than oneself. 
However, there is a difference as evolution is fuelled predominantly by external incentives and goal setting is motivated by your own internal incentives. 
One fact is indisputable, you cannot hit a foggy or invisible target. And it is 100% guaranteed that the only goals you will never achieve are the ones you never set. The target needs to be as clear, specific and detailed as possible. 
Once you identify your Goal we progress to finding your Core Reason. 

• Step 3 - Finding Your Core Reason 

The process is a beautiful revelation that can empower you and provide an answer you might have never been aware was there. Usually this is done by the 7 Down-arrows Technique. 
On a piece of paper state your Main Goal and then answer in writing the question ‘What does that mean to me?’ seven times and after every answer draw a down-arrow bellow every written answer to lead you to the next answer. This is best done during a session with therapist or a coach but would not stop you doing it on your own as long as there is no repetition in your answers and making sure you take time to figure out the genuine one. Needless to say, answering ‘I do not know’ would not be productive. The beauty of this technique is that works almost with everything including relationship or career decision making. 

• Step 4 - Putting in Action the One Thing 

Finding that one thing you can do today will be your game changer. Our minds love symbolic representations and rituals that evoke commitment and act as reminder. It serves similar to religious symbols’ purpose, such as the cross that devoted Christians wear all the time to remind them who they strive to be. 
Here as examples of a few ideas to consider and once you find yours commit to it and make a point of doing it every single day: 
Create a morning or evening ritual – it can be a gentle exercise followed by planning your day or doing meditation, or writing in your journal…. It gives the message that you start your day on your terms. 
Find your mantra or Power phrase that you can live by: ‘I have got this’ ‘I can do this’ or just a power word for the day such as Prosperity, Strength, Love, Composure… 
Start drinking water/herbal tea instead of buckets of coffee or energy drinks. 
Change your alarm clock to wake up an hour earlier or go to bed an hour earlier. 
Every night, write three things that went well during your day or that you are grateful for. 
Take 10 minutes a day to speak to your child or partner one-to-one and listen to what they say to you without giving advice. 
Start your day with a glass of water. 
Wear a particular piece of clothing, jewellery or a watch that represents that new begging. 
Design a new attitude 
Change a deep seated Self-Defeating believe 
Re-set your priorities 
If I am to say “the sky is the limit” to your creativity, it will be an underestimation of the array of possibilities. All you need to do is to create in alliance with your Main Goal and Core Reason. 
There is not going back, right? 
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