The action of delaying or postponing something is what we call Procrastination. In fact, procrastination is not a condition on its’ own right but a presenting symptom of existing self-defeating belief. 
The most common misunderstanding is that procrastination is a lack of motivation and you need willpower or discipline in order to be able to overcome. Willpower takes a lot of energy and is not something we can sustain for long period. Discipline can become a set of habits that are enforced by rituals and routines aiming towards a desirable result. Motivation is really overrated as a stimulating tool unless a conviction or belief is present. 
People do not do things because those things are good, healthy or right for them. They simply do things because they want to; and very often those things are not the one that would improve the quality of our life, health or relationships. If we are procrastinating, the thing that we are supposed to be doing is not the one we want to do. 

So how do we get to create an inner environment that unbales us to want to do the things that are good for us? 

Be it cleaning the bathroom, getting up earlier to go for a run or finishing the project that you have been on with for the past month, when the attitude is right, the task does not matter. 
Imagine that the task is the picture and the attitude is the frame. When we put paintings, photographs, pictures in a frame, our focus is narrowed and aimed on what is in the frame. 
When you focus on the task but your frame of attitude is negative, you create doubt in your mind but when positive, it generates faith. Somewhat, it is common to presume that doubt is the opposite of faith. Far from the truth. 
Doubt and Faith, in contradiction to popular opinions, are both beliefs and, as we know, we can change and create our own belief system. Doubt is the belief that what we do is not going to have a desirable outcome, while Faith is the belief that the outcome coming our way will be desirable to us. And we are talking not about religious Faith but the Faith that particular outcomes and achievements are possible. 
Faith creates the feeling of Anticipation – exciting expectation of a desirable, positive outcome.  
Doubt creates the feeling of Anxiety – fearful expectation of unknow, negative outcome. 
As energy, both feelings Anticipation and Anxiety feel the same in our body; but how we perceived it is through the thought in our head that is either classified as Faith or Doubt. 
When the feeling in our heart is anxiety we create a state of powerlessness, that generates the action (or rather lack of action) called Procrastination. 
When the feeling in our heart is anticipation, we create a state of power that generates the action of Decisiveness. 
The formula of Procrastination is simple: 
Doubt + Anxiety = Procrastination 
And so is the formula of Decisiveness: 
Faith + Anticipation = Decisiveness 
Changing your belief will change your thoughts that will change your feelings leading to an action that will achieve the outcome you desire. 
Paint a picture in your mind, dream and imagine the desired outcome as if it has happened and that will create the anticipation of the outcome that you desire. Be specific, be clear to the detail and assertive to the action. When you keep dreaming and visualising, you keep moving into a desirable direction and eventually you will create a new belief called faith. 
For what is a belief if not the acceptance of something that exists without having the proof of its’ existence. As you are and always be the artist that creates your own lifetime artwork by using the most powerful tool – your own imagination. 
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